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As cold weather approaches, Vermonters risk water damage from frozen pipes

Vermont dodged the potential water damage and destruction of Hurricane Sandy, but even a typical Vermont winter can pose problems to the homeowner. Frozen water is the culprit behind one of the most frequent property damage complaints we hear in Vermont in winter: frozen water pipes. Anyone who has ever tried to chill a can […]

CPR for Vermont’s frozen pipes

Many of us in Vermont think of water damage as a warm weather problem (think spring floods and Hurricane Irene), but residential water damage during freezing winter weather is more common than you might imagine. When water freezes, its volume increases by approximately eleven percent (11%), and this expansion exerts a huge amount of force. […]

The changing flow of Vermont Rivers…into your basement

The flood waters of Hurricane Irene ripped into homes and changed the course of rivers to fill Vermont basements and Main Streets. The expedition of recovery efforts lead to some radical river reconstruction in Central and Southern Vermont. Landowners and towns were given the go ahead to bulldoze, excavate and dredge. The resulting channelization, deepening, […]

Vermonters Eager to lend a helping hand to Hurricane Victims

Puroclean, the “paramedics of property damage,” is known for its rapid response to residential and commercial property damage in Vermont. Though they do fire damage repair and mold remediation, this year Puroclean is all about helping Vermonters recover from water damage. Spring floods brought federal disaster declarations, Hurricane Irene brought 9 inches of rain in […]