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Vermonters are known for patience. We know that many things can wait until the morning. But when you’re dealing with a house fire, the time to take action is now. Once the smoke clears and the fire department takes their Dalmatian back to the station, the rest of the work begins. For insurers and for policyholders, time is of the essence.

A home owner’s first obligation is to call the insurance company. An insurer’s first obligation is to make the best recommendations for the policy holder’s safety, well-being, and speedy return to normalcy.

Let’s start with safety:
Make sure the home owner does not enter the house and walk around. This may cause re-contamination and is dangerous. The fire may have compromised the structure of the building. There may be electrical hazards and falling debris.

Smoke is a collection of solid and liquid particles forced into the air by combustion. The chemical makeup of smoke varies depending on the fuel that feeds it. In the case of our homes, the combustion of our prized possessions can cause the release of toxins in the form of PICs or particles of incomplete combustion. These are tiny particles that can be easily breathed. Many PICs contain known carcinogens. Concern is greatest for those with existing respiratory ailments. Seniors and infants are also at risk.

Return to normalcy:
The recommendation of a professional mitigation company can make all the difference here. A professional smoke and fire mitigator will:

  • Respond rapidly
  • Communicate procedure and secure authorization
  • Provide detailed estimate
  • Control and contain to prevent continuing damage
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Properly clean and process the entire job
  • Provide effective odor control

To a home owner who has suffered a loss, this list may sound fairly clinical. Compassion and understanding have to be part of the mix. Empathy not only comforts the home owner, it can also speed his return to normalcy. If he knows he is in good hands, he is more likely to take the proper steps.

PuroClean is known for this kind of personal service. We instill confidence in the home owner so that mitigation can begin and he can return to a safe, healthy environment as soon as possible.