Mold Remediation

Commercial & Residential Mold Remediation

PuroClean Managed Services is in the mold prevention business – if you dry it properly, mold will not be a problem as a result of a water damage. Mold will be a problem if contents have remained wet. Water is a vehicle for mold growth.

Mold RemediationPuroClean provides mold remediation services, and can assist you if you have identified a potential problem. Please contact us to discuss any mold-related issues. For additional information, visit the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Bleach is not the solution for mold treatment. While bleach will kill live mold, it does not kill mold spores. Additionally, treating mold with bleach and water actually feeds further growth.

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Please note: PuroClean does not do environmental testing, we are a remediation firm.

We can remove the mold but we cannot test for it. This should be completed by an independent firm.

Testing Firms:

KD Associates
(802) 862-7490
ATC Associates
(802) 862-1980
 Crothers Environmental
(802) 888-1936