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As cold weather approaches, Vermonters risk water damage from frozen pipes

Vermont dodged the potential water damage and destruction of Hurricane Sandy, but even a typical Vermont winter can pose problems to the homeowner. Frozen water is the culprit behind one of the most frequent property damage complaints we hear in Vermont in winter: frozen water pipes. Anyone who has ever tried to chill a can […]

Who Ya Gonna Call? PuroClean. You Need a Professional Restoration Service

Vermonters stick together – especially when it comes to disasters like the flooding we’ve seen this year. The after math of Hurricane Irene brought us even closer together. Volunteers poured out of the woodwork. People unaffected by the storm in Burlington and Winooski found their way to volunteer stations in Waterbury and Rochester. Neighbors shored […]

Don’t be afraid of your basement this Halloween: Top 7 Tips for Winterizing your Vermont Basement

What scary thing is in your basement this Halloween? Is it a trick or is it a treat? Chances are whatever it is will grow into a monster if left unattended for the winter. Vermonters are lucky, they have basements. Or are they? Basements are the best places to store gear, the furnace, the workshop, […]

Lightning Strikes – and causes fire damage in Vermont each year

Vermont has seen an unprecedented amount of stormy weather this spring and summer: first the flooding in April and May, now the summer sky is busy with widespread thunderstorm activity. Some of these storms contain damaging winds and lightning. Recent satellite data collected by Colorado’s University Corporation for Atmospheric Research suggests that there are more […]