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Vermonters stick together – especially when it comes to disasters like the flooding we’ve seen this year. The after math of Hurricane Irene brought us even closer together. Volunteers poured out of the woodwork. People unaffected by the storm in Burlington and Winooski found their way to volunteer stations in Waterbury and Rochester. Neighbors shored up neighbors. The disaster brought out our finest qualities as Vermonters.

So it is no surprise that when faced with small home repairs, many of usĀ  turn to our local handyman. It’s just another way to help out a neighbor by buying local. But for the big stuff, like water damage and fire damage you should really call in the experts. Professional restoration is more cost efficient in the end. And the beauty of hiring PuroClean Vermont is that they are local, too.

Professional restoration services, like those provided by PuroClean, are the result of keeping current with the latest technology available. Restoration is not just a matter of brushing something off. The complexities posed by smoke and water damage are often unknown to the average maid service or handyman. For example, water damage caused by contaminated water requires a completely different restoration approach than does damage caused by clean water. And soot damage if treated improperly will potentially destroy rather restore your property. What if the damage you’re facing is caused by both smoke and water? Professional restoration specialists have to be experts in the cleaning of all contaminated contents and structures.

And then there is insurance. You may be facing multiple claims from a single incident. This can be confusing and costly if not handled correctly. That’s why the insurance industry depends on professionals who do quality, timely work, understand the needs of the insured, and service the claim from the initial call. It streamlines the insurance claims process and makes it more cost-effective. PuroClean Managed Services has more than ten years of experience working with insurance companies and their adjusters.

You should not be afraid of calling a professional restoration service…in the end, it will save time, money and your property. The Williston office of PuroClean Vermont has a great sign on their door. It says, “If it’s dirty, we can clean it! If it’s wet, we can dry it!” They are the paramedics of property damage. And though some of their gear looks like something from Ghostbusters, these guys get the job done best.

If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there’s something weird
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Who you gonna call?