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Commercial & Residential Green Cleaning

Cleaning has never been greener

PuroClean Green Cleaning Overview

We use water and we use air! We are investing every year in moving our organization to a more green friendly company while ensuring the best possible service for all parties involved.

We are committed to finding “Green Friendly” cost-effective quality products for our customers. We now can say we clean with WATER and AIR, it does not get any greener than this!!!


O3 Spray & Wipe Cleaning System

The Triple S O3 Professional Cleaning System turns ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective chemical free cleaning agent.

Green Water

Liquid Ozone

The O3 System creates Liquid Ozone by passing 4,500 volts of electricity through oxygen molecules, transforming them into ozone and then infusing the ozone into water. Liquid Ozone will remove germs, odors, stains, soot cleaning, and many other contaminants on any item or surface, including food.

No Chemical Waste

  • Reduce Consumption of Natural Resources
  • No Air Pollutants
  • Minimal Impact on Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Packaging
  • Reduce Supply Chain Costs
  • No Impact on Waste Water Treatment



No more deodorization with OZONE, a gas that depletes oxygen and has adverse affects on organic materials.The Odorox process allows for effective efficient cleaning without displacement of the homeowner, pets, or our company staff!!!

Some of those benefits include:

  • Effectively eliminates fire & organic vapors, odors, bacteria, viruses, chemicals fumes & gasses.
  • Unlike ozone, foggers & harsh chemicals, the ODOROX equipment is completely safe for people, pets, plants, rubbers, plastics & other 
organic materials.
  • Decontaminate while you dry a structure, not afterwards.
  • Ideal for the environment of the chemically sensitive or medically compromised person.
  • Uses no chemicals and leaves no residue.